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Snow Ordinance: It's a four-letter word the majority of people don't like to hear: snow. Before the flakes fly, the City of Sidney does have a snow ordinance.According to City Code 136:03 Removal of Snow, Ice and Accumulations, a property owner is to remove snow and ice promptly from sidewalks. If the snow and ice has not been removed after 48 hours once the snow has stopped accumulating, the City can have the snow removed. However, the property owner will be assessed the charges for the snow removal. If the bill for the snow removal is not paid, the bill will be placed on the person's property taxes.Additionally, City Code 69.10 pertains to parking during a snow emergency. Nobody is allowed to park, abandon or leave any vehicle on ANY public street, alley or city-owned off street parking area during a snow emergency until and unless the snow has been plowed or removed from said street, alley or parking area and snow is no longer falling. The mayor usually issues a snow emergency if three or more inches of snow are forecast.Lastly, snowmobiles are allowed to operate within city limits, but must follow stipulations listed in City Code 75.04, Operation of Snowmobiles.First, snowmobiles shall be operated only on streets that have not been plowed during the snow season and be operated on unplowed streets only in emergencies where conventional motor vehicles are impractical.They also are not to be operated in any park, playground of other city-owned property without permission by the City or on any city owned property if there is not at least one inch of snow on the ground. Snowmobiles are also not allowed on sidewalks or the part of the street between the curb line and sidewalk, known as the parking.Where allowed, snowmobiles must follow regular rules of the road, such as stopping at stop signs and yielding to the right of way.The only time ATVs are allowed on sidewalks is for the removal of snow, with operation of ATVs only to take place between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. Those under the age of 18 (mainly 16, 17) can use an ATV to clear snow, if licensed, and on their parent/guardians ATV permit.