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Veto Ordinance 240: Official Veto of the City of Sidney Ordinance 240 This technically does not need to be a veto, but if a veto is needed to correct an issue on the council's procedures then a veto it is. On May 22, 2023, Council members Benedict, Shirley, and Travis while in the process to pass Ordinance 240 violated Iowa State Code 380.3380.3 Two considerations before final passage — how waived.A proposed ordinance or amendment must be considered and voted on for passage at two council meetings prior to the meeting at which it is to be finally passed unless this requirement is suspended by a recorded vote of not less than three-fourths of all of the members of the council. If a proposed ordinance, amendment, or resolution fails to receive sufficient votes for passage at any consideration and vote thereon, the proposed ordinance, amendment, or resolution shall be considered defeated.The State requirement is suspended by a recorded vote of not less than three-fourths of all which would mean there were needed at least the vote of four council members, being there were only three council members at the May 22, 2023 council meeting the final approval of Ordinance 240 is in violation of Iowa State Code 380.3, and would be considered defeatedIn addition, the ordinance that was provided in the council packet was not for Sidney IA. It was for the City of Monona, IA. The City Attorney told the Clerk that the ordinance would be corrected before the council packet would be distributed. It was not corrected before it was presented at the council meeting or sent out to the council members, therefore the council passed an ordinance for another city and not for Sidney IA


City of Sidney

Welcome to the City of Sidney!

Sidney was laid out in 1851 and was originally to be named Dayton. The surveyors were boarding with the Milton Richards family. Richards wife suggested they rename the city for her hometown of Sidney, Ohio.

The Sidney Iowa Championship Rodeo, operated by American Legion Post No. 128 since 1924, claims to be the world's largest continuous outdoor rodeo and one of the world's largest rodeos with around 38,000 visitors each year. The event is held in late July/early August.

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